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Three key reasons choosing the right apparel matters

Clock Posted Jan 25, 2019

By Titan Performance Group.

Not only in business do you need to dress for success, the same can be said for sport. The clothing and apparel you choose can influence your performance. We spend a lot of time training and racing, so why not get the most out of that time? Here are three reasons why choosing the right apparel makes a difference:

1) Improves performance

Everyone is always looking to improve their performance, making sure you are in the right apparel can make a big difference. For triathlon and multisport, you want to be aerodynamic, you want to reduce drag and most importantly, you need to be comfortable. Nothing loses time like a bad fitting kit where you are restricted in your movement, overheating or worse still, chaffing in places you shouldn’t be! You want to be wearing a kit that allows you to race harder for longer.

2) Improves freedom of movement

A well-designed kit made from high quality materials that also fits correctly will make sure you are not restricted in any way across all disciplines. This will make sure you can execute the technical aspects of the sport without being negatively impacted upon by what you are wearing. Whether it be a suit that restricts shoulder movement when swimming or a suit that is so loose and stretchy that it restricts knee drive on the run, getting into the right kit will allow you to have your best day out on course.

3) Boosts confidence

Wearing apparel that not only helps you perform at your best but looks great, will boost your confidence. When you train and race with confidence, there are no limits. Apparel that you love the look and feel of will give you that extra little kick along. Particularly kits that you have designed yourself and had made to order, you can guarantee that way no one else on course will look like you!

TITAN Performance Apparel

TITAN Performance Apparel is leading the way in the manufacture, design and delivery of custom apparel. With a free graphic design service and no limit to the design, colours, brands and styles; the team at TITAN can develop and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

TITAN Performance Apparel offers a design through to delivery service catering for every kind athlete from the weekend warrior through to the pro’s. With no minimum order and no order cycle, TITAN offers the maximum flexibility in when you order and how many pieces you order, it can be one garment or 1000’s. With this approach, TITAN can cater for everyone from the individual through to large special events. TITAN also offer a range of fabric options so all budget levels and needs can be catered for.

TITAN can supply clubs and teams with their apparel, training kits and race kits too. With the ability to set up an online portal, only accessible to club members, TITAN can handle all of the ordering, payments and delivery of club apparel direct with each club / team member. There is no need for club / team committee to collect orders, wait for money to be paid or deliver the goods. This is a convenient solution and means clubs and teams can focus their time and en4ergy in other areas.

Key products Titan Performance Apparel delivers include:

  • Corporate and Casual apparel (including polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, vests, business shirts)
  • Triathlon apparel (including all race suit types, socks)
  • Cycling apparel (including bibs and knicks, jerseys, vests, jackets, arm warmers)
  • Running apparel (including running t’s, singlets, socks)
  • Swim wear

Contact TITAN now to bring your apparel ideas to life!

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