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Tri Travel's Kona Dining Guide

There are many dining options in Kona, Hawaii. Tri Travel have hand-picked their favourites for race week during the IRONMAN World Championship, perfect for triathletes preparing for their race. Read more

Clock Posted Sep 18, 2019

Nutrition, Training Centre

Hydration for the Heat: Part 2

Nutritionist Ash Thomas provides us with some important tips around hydration, notably around how you can best prepare your body for a hot or humid race. Read more

Clock Posted Sep 1, 2019

Nutrition, Recovery, Training Centre, Wellness

Easy Protein Energy Balls

Need a quick and healthy snack between meals and training sessions? Then look no further than these protein-packed and delicious energy balls! Read more

Clock Posted Aug 13, 2019


Hydration for the Heat: Part 1

Perfecting your nutrition for an Ironman is a fine art. This article will help you debunk and understand the biggest hydration concerns when competing in the heat. Read more

Clock Posted Jun 24, 2019

News, Nutrition, Training Centre

Blackcurrants - Making research headlines for endurance athletes

Blackcurrants are not a commonly recognised fruit, they are rarely seen in your local supermarket and wouldn’t be the fruit that catches your eye next to those better-known blueberries. However, research into this little-known fruit is showing that they offer a cross-section of potent performance and muscle recovery gains for active people, in particular: Read more

Clock Posted Jan 31, 2019

Nutrition, Training Centre

To caffeine or not to caffeine? That is the question!

With almost every sports nutrition brand providing caffeinated options, from gels to chews to beverages, Hanny Alston addresses the question – to caffeine or not to caffeine?  Read more

Clock Posted Jan 25, 2019

Nutrition, Training Centre, Wellness

Recipe: Easy Protein Energy Balls

Protein Balls are a simple, easy snack to keep on hand in the fridge for those times when you need instant fuel – and it also helps to keep your healthy eating regime on track during those times when you may be tempted to stray. Read more

Clock Posted Jan 23, 2019