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Seven Scenic Workout Places You Can’t Miss In Australia

Clock Posted Oct 3, 2019

By Laura Graham

Founder and Writer


Australia, the land down under, is blessed to be gifted with some of the most beautiful places on this earth. From waterfalls to sandy beaches to deserts and more, Australia has it at all. Australia is also blessed with sunny weather throughout the year. The sun combined with the Australian spirit makes it a top fitness destination.

Australians have an image of being fitness freaks with lean and tanned bodies. National stars like Hugh Jackman and Steve Irwin have contributed immensely to that image too. If you want to get in on the fun then here are the 7 best scenic places for a sweaty workout.

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1.   The 1000 Steps

The 1000 steps are to be found in the Dandenong Ranges Mountains. This is among the most popular tourist destinations for people wishing to test out their fitness. Take a walk up 1000 steps carved into and around the mountains. Stroll or jog under the shade of tall trees with fresh air tickling your nose. You may think it to be a casual stroll but it is certain to give you a taxing workout if you wish to complete it.

2.   Bondi Beach

Of course, how could any list of scenic places in Australia be complete without Bondi beach? One of the most popular tourist spots in Australia, Bondi’s reputation is known the world over.

Characterized by soft sandy beaches touched by crystal clear blue waters, you will be happy to find that you can do your workout on the beach and no one will think it out of the ordinary. Take a relaxing dip after you’re done.

3.   Kings Park

Located in Perth, this scenic beauty ranks among the biggest inner-city parks in the world. If you want to get a good jog on then there is no better place for you. Filled with ancient trees to provide shade and touched with two rivers, it is the perfect place to get a sweat.

4.   Morialta Falls

Have you thought about working out underneath a waterfall? Well, now you can. Work out and exert your body while drops of water tease and dance on your skin. You will feel one with nature as you exercise to the rush of the waterfall’s sound. You can also tackle the challenging walking trail.

5.   Coorparoo Skate Park

Who says workouts can’t be fun? What is better than working out while having fun with it? Coorparoo in Brisbane is the biggest skate park in Australia. Try your hand at roller-blading or skate-boarding and feel your legs come to life. The exhilaration of landing the perfect trick with sweat creasing down your forehead is addicting.

6.   Kunanyi / Mount Wellington

But wait, you might be asking, the previous locations are well and good but where is the desert? Where is the representation for the sandy Outback? Meet Mount Wellington. A hulking challenge of an endeavour for any fitness freak, this is not recommended for amateurs or beginners. The 19 km trek to the top is full of danger and sharp stony edges. This one is only for the experienced climbers and trekkers out there.

7.   Nitmiluk Gorge

The sandy beaches of Australia are great but they won’t provide you with peace and quiet. If you want to experience tranquillity and serenity in your workout, then this is the spot for you. Nitmiluk Gorge is the ideal place to work on your swimming and work out in peace.


That list should be enough to satisfy your inner fitness freak for the time being. You can make it a goal to tick famous Australian landmarks off your bucket list while working out at them. That is certainly a very Australian goal to have, we reckon




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