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Northern Hemisphere Winter Fun

Clock Posted Nov 10, 2019

By Ashlie Lopez

Winters are hitting the northern hemisphere, and our friends in the cold couldn’t be more excited. Those who love winter start planning about winter vacations as soon as the winter approaches. They make plans for where they want to go for what they will do to make the best out of their holidays

No matter whether these are summer or winter vacations, people always want to make the best out of them. Some plan to go to the places where they have been going for the past many years while some count on the adventures like first time heli skiing, ice-skating and much more. Some want adventure while some want to keep it simple just the way they want. Everyone has a different way of spending the vacations and it is totally up to them which way do they choose for themselves.

As the winter vacations are approaching us fast, we should be very well prepared for where we have to head towards this time or else, we will spend half of our holidays in deciding where to go and where not to. So, here are some amazing travel idea which you should not avoid to make this winter as remarkable as ever.


Heliskiing is the lifetime adventure where you not only enjoy but also learn a lot. When the world is under your feet, you get to see wit with a newer perspective which plays a very important role in enhancing your perception skills. When you see the powdery mountains and snow-covered pines, you get a sense of inner peace which is not so easy to get at a mainstream place. So, trying heliskiing for the first time in your life would be worth your money and you should go for it for sure.

Ice sailing

Ice sailing is another sport which you should consider this winter. If you want to experience this amazing sport, you should count on Michigan. This is because it is the only place where you can experience the real beauty of this sport. Trying this amazing and mind-boggling yachting is not something everyone would do. So, if you are daring enough and want to go out of your comfort zone to experience the beauty of life, you should try it for once.

Ice hoteling

Have you ever thought of stuff made full of ice? Well, you can surely experience it in Sweden. There is an ice hotel in Sweden where everything including the Chair and tables is also made of ice which in itself is a huge thing to experience. Not only you can get your hands on the kettle coffee but also can get amazed by the northern lights and beautiful forests covered with snow.

Hot air balloon

Looking at the colourful hot air balloons in the sky looks beautiful but it looks even beautiful when you are in that balloon yourself and are looking at the world from the top. In this way, you will not only be able to get amazed by the beauty outside the box but also from inside it.

Iced Waterfall Climbing

Have you ever thought about climbing a waterfall? Well, not everybody might have. This winter, you can try ice climbing. You can also take the classes for it as well if you are a beginner and do not have much knowledge about it. This way you will be able to get the best experience of iced waterfall climbing putting a hallmark on your adventure list.

We all like cosier winters where we can stay in our couch all day long with snacks and coffee by our side but it is the time you step out of your box and burst your bubble and experience the nature filled with so much beauty. You should always try newer things so that you may know the beauty inside the world. There are little things that are filled with happiness and which carry real happiness inside. If you will not step out of your cosy blanket, you will never be able to know what the world beholds for you. So, you should try some new stuff these vacations to make your life even beautiful.

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