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Be Active in Sydney!

Clock Posted Aug 19, 2019

By Hannah Belger

Staying active while visiting Sydney

So you’re in the biggest city in Australia, what should you do? If you are in the mood for an active vacation while visiting Sydney you are in luck. This city simply has it all, which can have a downside if you don’t know where to start. Before coming over do your research. We suggest looking at some amazing travel blogs by some of the locals, they often have great tips on what to do, what to eat and where to stay!

Visit Bondi Beach

This one is a must. Bondi Beach is filled with amazing activities that can fill out your day, even your entire week. You can go swimming, learn how to surf or just run along its most scenic part between Bondi & Coogee Beach. The path is well marked and easy to follow. Even if you are in Sydney for a day you should take the time and soak in the sun in this beautiful beach. Then, after a full day working out you can find a wide variety of bars and restaurants to relax in.

Explore “The Rocks”

Situated on Sydney Cove’s western shores is “The Rocks” where the first Europeans settled in Australia. One of the most famous places located in the oldest part of Sydney, it is perfect for a relaxing half a day trek filled with gorgeous old buildings built with blocks of local sandstones (which is how they got their name). And if you want to continue your walk be sure to cross the Harbour Bridge, and even come back by ferry… Maybe allow yourself a full day to explore this place entirely. The latter part of the trek is pretty steep and will provide a healthy workout.

Hike the Gap Park Lookout

There is more than one lookout point and they are all pretty stunning. The walking trail along the sandstone cliffs provide a great workout while offering you a breathtaking view. Looking down on the rocks being hit relentlessly by the waves is a truly memorable moment you shouldn’t miss.You can catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay and just have a short walk across the park and up the stairs. Afterwards be sure have some fish and chips or have a more full meal in a local pub.

Ride a bike from Harbour Bridge to ANZAC Bridge

This is maybe the most relaxing and worthwhile thing you can do in Sydney. It’s a 2 mile route connecting two of Sydney’s most recognisable landmarks, the Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge. Starting at the foot of the Harbour Bridge on the north shore, you then ride directly to the Kent St. cycleway. Despite being a very leisurely ride, this road can be filled with cyclist driving home from a long days commute during peak traffic hours. If you’re the kind of person who likes to stop and take pictures of the two iconic bridges, watch out!

Have a great workout in the park

There is nothing more satisfying than working out in the outdoors. Luckily, Sydney has a great abundance of fantastic outdoor parks. The most famous is the Burrows Park, with its 13 pieces of cardio and strengthening equipment, including a treadmill, adding to its variety. This bright green outdoor gym is not only in a great location but is also sturdy, and once your workout is done you can relax and chill at the beautiful Clovelly Beach. If however, you are looking for the most modern outdoor gym look no further than Camperdown Park. Here you can find a variety of group training sessions and tennis matches.

Snorkel in Malabar Beach

A quiet beach located in the south part of Sydney, Malabar Beach is one of the most popular destinations for snorkeling. You can snorkel on both sides of the beach with a swimming rock pool on the right side of the bay while facing the deep blue ocean. Part of its attraction is that you can snorkel there even if you are a beginner, as long as you stay near the beach. But you have to be on the alert, because depending on the currents and wind direction there could be some jellyfish and bluebottles about. If you decide to go there anyway you are sure to see some Cowfish, Stripeys and many other little creatures that enrich this gorgeous beach.

In Conclusion

Whether you are an outdoorsy or indoorsy type of person, Sydney is sure to satisfy all your needs. To fully explore what this wonderful city has to offer you practically need to spend an entire lifetime here, that’s why you need to plan carefully and rely on the locals and their advice.



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