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5 Global Superstars Who Will Inspire You to Compete in a Triathlon

Clock Posted Aug 21, 2019

Finding a good source of inspiration often forms an integral part of an athlete’s success. For our readers, the good news is that inspiration can be found in multiple places to inspire you to reach new heights. For example, former Olympian Greg Bennett has had a stellar career and is one of Australia’s top athletes. He told us that he loved the challenge of a triathlon and how the experience was his key motivation. He is an inspiration to all triathletes whether professional or amateur.

Yet while athletes are certainly inspirational, it is also good to get inspired by those who stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced triathlons. They show that with discipline and training it is possible to not only take part, but also excel in the sport. Below are just a few famous examples.

Gordon Ramsay

Though the world-renowned chef is known for his angry outbursts in the kitchen, Ramsay also channels his energy into triathlons quite frequently. In fact, he even competed at the 2013 Iron Man World Championship, finishing with a time of 14:04:48. Yet the chef didn’t stop there and Ramsay has turned triathlons into a family activity. The Ramsay’s competed in the AJ Bell London Docklands Triathlon as a way of fundraising for the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation. 

The chef has even revealed in an interview that triathlon training acted as a sort of stress reliever for him. “Training is my release. I would be lost without it,” he admitted. “It gives me a reason to pull myself out [of the restaurants]. It’s given me time to myself.”

Claire Holt

Known for her role on the hit show “The Vampire Diaries”, this Brisbane native had her first crack at a triathlon back in the 2012 edition of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Holt then went on to post an impressive time of 1:44:31, putting her comfortably in the number one spot of the event’s female celebrity division. Holt went on to explain that her cause for participating was to raise money for charity – combining athletics with a higher purpose. 

Jenson Button 

Competitive motor racing is a very demanding sport. Drivers have to be able to withstand intense G-force while on the track as well as also keeping their heart rate down in order to focus and make decisions in a split-second. This is why F1 drivers are some of the fittest athletes in the world and must train hard during the off-season. A feature on how F1 drivers prepare for the season by Ladbrokes shows how Jenson Button developed his training to such an extent that he became a triathlete. The 2009 world champion has competed in several triathlons, even winning the California ‘Day at the Beach’ triathlon back in 2015.

However, his need for speed clearly never leaves him even when he is off the track. Button was once disqualified from an Ironman competition for speeding during the cycling legs safety-mandated slowdowns. Though he may have been too fast for his own good in that case, Button’s example shows how being a triathlete is good preparation for any sporting endeavour.

Caroline Wozniaki 

The tennis superstar is no stranger to marathons, having completed the New York City Marathon in less than four hours back in 2014. Wozniaki immediately followed this up by joining tennis colleague Serena Williams and acclaimed racer Paul Rees at the UWC Bahamas Triathlon just months later.

The good news is that Wozniaki seems to have fallen in love with the sport. A feature by Tennis World USA details that she plans to try more triathlons after her tennis career finishes, “mostly to keep in shape so I can still eat whatever I want”. 

Luke Hemsworth

The older brother to Chris and Liam, Luke is known for his roles in Neighbours and Westworld, but even his busy schedule hasn’t stopped him finding time for triathlons. The 37-year-old was at the 2017 edition of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon and even missed the Emmys just so he could participate. Along with his co-star James Marsden, Hemsworth’s dedication to the sport is certainly something to admire. 

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