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For all the best sporting events across the world the Tri Travel team have you covered

Tri Travel is distinctly different from other travel agencies and booking sites. Over the past 20 years, with our beginnings in triathlon, Tri Travel have set themselves apart by being the experts for any sport event travel for athletes and spectators globally. Our highly experienced team are dedicated to the sporting industry, providing the specialised service needed at events.

Through our global partners, we make races accessible through our comprehensive travel, accommodation and entry solutions. As one of the world’s leading sports travel companies, we’re widely respected for our authenticity, credibility and expertise in the sporting field. We take a flexible approach to managing individual needs, while saving time and cost in organising all aspects of event travel.

Unique Tour Experiences

Tri Travel have been providing unrivalled sporting tour experiences to our athletes and their supporters for 20 years. With our boutique services, athletes receive specialised and personal support from experienced tour leaders who care about every aspect of the tour, the event and the travel. We provide all the added extras during race week preparations, ensuring our athletes are not only ready to race, but they’ve also experienced the best of the location and race week activities.

Discounted Race Entry Packages

Tri Travel work together with many event partners to ensure these races are accessible for all athletes. We use our expertise with our long-standing industry associates to bring our athletes the best entry, accommodation and travel solutions at these marquee events.

Accommodation only at the world’s best events

Through our global industry partners, Tri Travel have sourced the best event accommodation for any race or sporting event around the world. Our fast, online booking service will have you staying at the best event accommodation, for any race, anywhere in the world.

Pre and Post Event Travel Solutions

Tri Travel have been providing personalised travel solutions for athletes and spectators across the globe. Whether you have pre or post travel requirements our expert team can assist with creating awesome experiences.

Discount bike and travel insurance

Tri Travel, through our long-standing partnerships, provide discounted industry rates for bike and travel insurance.

Bespoke baggage solutions

Travelling with a bike and oversize luggage can be difficult, but Tri Travel can arrange alternative options with our baggage and airline partners.